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Ian F. Hunt – BA Digital Media Production

Ian F. Hunt BA Digital Media Production – Graduation 2013 June 28th

I thought it would be time to update this page with the news that after 3 years of hard but enjoyable work studying at the Arts University Bournemouth I have now officially Graduated with a BA (Hon’s) 2.1 in Digital Media Production.

This is the last time that I expect to post anything to this Blog and instead I plan to concentrate on the update of my Blog Clickformedia, click on the link to go to Clickformedia.


Over the last 3 years I have found that I have been at my most creative when working with a camera, either taking stills or video as a DSLR Cinematographer. As a DSLR Cinematographer I have also acquired an interest in the narrative/storytelling and producing short films. This then leads on to an interest in making Documentaries and becoming a documentary filmmaker, not in any specific mode, I’m happy to mix the Poetic with the Observational and would not be adverse to attempting the Expository form of documentary. The subject can be as diverse as the form, although my interests are leaning towards exploring the British way of life. The early pioneers of The British Documentary Film Movement between 1926 and 1946 lead the way. The work of John Grierson in the 1930’s and his philosophy applied to film making inspires me to adopt this style and re-introduce and update this for the 21st century.

Camden London

Documentary has become much more popular in recent times. There are many factors involved in this new interest in documentary, for example; they are relatively cheap to produce, they satisfy an audiences demand for voyeurism (fly on the wall), they are generally factual. I say generally factual because it is of course possible to produce a documentary with just one side of a story and of course technology lets us manipulate images in infinite ways. It is therefore important to state at the outset of anything a filmmaker produces whether this is a factual or fictional film, but of course this rule has been broken on may occasions where fiction has been presented as fact.