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Investigative Study – SKYFALL


SKYFALL 50 Years of Bond (Caution Spoilers)SKYFALL Poster

SKYFALL the latest film in the Bond franchise and the most contemporary to date. Bond is battered, bruised and broken and like in the film ‘You Only Live Twice’ he has just come back from the grave, resurrected in the opening sequences of the film. Daniel Craig’s Bond continues from where he left off, grittier less smiling but still with a few wry comments aimed at his enemies and associates alike.Bond has lost the polish of earlier Bonds, he appears unshaven in many scenes and at only one point in the film does the tuxedo make an appearance only to be dirtied and scuffed in a fight scene following a brief foray into a Shanghai casino.

Where are all the gadgets? the new Q supplies Bond with a minimalist kit, the bare minimum of gun and radio possibly reflecting again on current Government cutbacks. There is no expensive supercars, just a battered Land Rover Defender and a Honda trails motorbike. The ever present Aston Martin has gone although Bonds standby DB5 makes an appearance only to be consigned to the scrap yard in the closing scenes.

The greatest percentage of the film is shot on location in London, the studio and brief (for Bond Films) International locations including Turkey and China. Perhaps another example of Budget reductions in this new age of financial collapse, budget deficits and public spending cutbacks.

On a positive note the new financial climate and reducing budgets has led the filmmakers to be more creative, getting the most from their budget and produce what some critics are saying is the best Bond yet.

But where are the Bond girls? apart from a brief liaison in a shower with Sévérine  the femme fetale, Bond is surprisingly bereft of female companionship in this latest offering with the exception of Eve (The future Miss Moneypenny) who is anything but Bonds sexual companion.

So the Bond formula is all there but with subtle changes all aimed to bring us full circle. The reboot that began with Casino Royale brought us a younger harder Bond, we now have a young geek for a Q and a new Moneypenny. Daniel Craig signs up for one more Bond outing so can we expect a new younger Bond after that. When that happens the reboot will be complete and with good writing the Bond franchise looks good for years to come.

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