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Specialist Project – Contact Made

specialist project

Emailed Doug Cockle

Today emailed Doug Cockle BA Acting Course Leader with a basic outline of my Specialist Project details and what I plan to film with 3rd BA Acting student Ben O’Shea.

This is the first step in the project and without Doug’s agreement the project would be basically dead in the water.


The Email

Hi Doug

I’m a final year student on the Digital Media Production course.

Ben has asked me to email you re. a film project I have discussed with him which will be a major part of my final year extended project and hopefully something he can use as a show-reel.

What I have envisaged is  producing a documentary very much in the same style of the Film/Production of Billy Elliot. The documentary will involve following some of Ben’s final year as a performer, videoing rehearsals maybe some tech rehearsals and of course excerpts from performances.

Although Ben is planned to be the central character I would welcome the involvement of any others who would like to be part of this documentary.

Finally the documentary is fully intended to be my final year project but I’m more than happy to let others use it in any marketing or indeed allow the Uni to use it for their purposes should they wish to do so.

If you would like me to meet with you to discuss this further please let me know.