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Specialist Project – 1st meeting and video tests

specialist project

1st meeting and videoing with the iPhone and iPad

Monday 8th October, I arranged to meet up with Doug Cockle, a very busy man to outline some of my ideas for the documentary.

BA Acting rehearse off campus in the Boys Brigade Halls in WInton, I met Doug there and discuss in detail what my plans were for the project and confirm in principle that these would not disrupt rehearsals. The meeting progressed well and Doug gave me his agreement on condition taht I stuck to the guidlines we agreed so as to limit any disruption to rehearsals.

While I was there I took the opportunity to do some filming, to experiment and test some of my ideas for capturing the video using the iPhone, iPad as the main camera.

I had no real success with using the iPhone or iPad as the venues lighting was 100% Fluorescent, which effected the video causing it to flicker – conflicting with the frame rate of these devices?. On this basis I decided the safe move was to stick with using my Canon 60D as the main camera and maybe use the iPad occasionally or as a backup when situations allow it.

I made some rough edits on the day and passed these onto Doug just so he could see where I might be going with this project and how it fit in with the production of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

iPad Video Sequence

[youtube youtube.com/watch?v=1yVtQMhwpQI&w=400&h=275]

I’ve added a special iPad camera video filter to disguise the flickering

It turned out to be a very useful day and I found myself considering other directions in which to take the documentary, for example filming a technical rehearsals featuring Ben and then conducting the interveiw either just before he went on stage in full makeup and costume or interview him after the performance while the makeup was removed.