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Specialist Project – Filming Dates

specialist project

I emailed Doug to obtain permission to film the cast rehearsing in the Universities Studio Theatre from Monday 15th October.

I heard back by email that it would be OK to film the rehearsals within the guidelines we had agreed, in that I could setup and film in the studio but probably not in the dressing rooms as they would be in use continuously throughout the coming weeks leading up to the opening of the performance.


My email to Doug

Hi Doug

I hope the rehearsals are going well. As you mentioned on Monday will you be continuing with these rehearsals in the studio theatre next week?

If so will it still be OK for me to come along and film, I’m particularly interested in filming the dance sequence both in rehearsal and in a dress rehearsal if that is possible.

I plan to be as unobtrusive as possible and I’m therefore happy to setup some distance away and use a long lens to film, although I would like to film some closeups if that were possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.