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Specialist Project – Interview Filming

specialist project

Specialist Project – Filming the Interview

Received permission to film in the Studio Theatre from 5:00pm in the evening. We had to work around the Technicians who were finalsing their lighting setup for the performance but we would have almost uninterrupted use of the Dressing Rooms for filming.

The process went well albeit with a few interruptions from noise which meant some retakes but on the whole a good evenings filming.

Problems Encountered included:-

Limited Space to work which meant positioning the camera proved problematic, I wanted the camera close to the subject but out of shot. By this I mean not visible in the mirrors. The occasional noise from the Studio Theatre. A variety of light sources a mixture of tungsten and non daylight corrected florescent, which meant I had to create a custom white balance and in post production  I expect some colour balance/grading would be required.


Email confirming the use of the Dressing Room and the arrangements to film the Tech Rehearsals

Hi Doug

That’s great on this evenings filming, I hope to get it all done tonight but it’s nice to know there’s Tuesday available just in case we need it.
I will be coming to Wednesday evenings rehearsals to film key parts/dance scene, is this a technical rehearsal with actors in costume, music and lighting? and will I be able set up my camera on Stage Right and also film from the Galleries as before?