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Specialist Project – New Edit

specialist project

Another New Edit

[youtube youtube.com/watch?v=xbiOuBTT6IA&w=475&h=315]

After tutorial I looked again at the final edit and decided to create yet another edit for the final submission.

I dropped some more of the cutaways from the performance footage and added in more footage from the interview filming.

I also changed the sequence of the questions/answers again changing the grouping of the questions, which seemed to be more successful. I changed the start and final title sequence were and I also changed some of the camera motions, scaling etc to improve the flow.

I removed some of the sharpening effects I’d originally used to remove Gaussian blur, which defocused some of the video clips but I felt this added to the visual aesthetic. As I’ve mentioned in my earlier Blog entries sometimes it’s OK to shoot film out of focus.

On the whole the changes were minor over the previous edits but I am much happier with the final result.

Final Renderrings

I created 2 renderings of the final edit, one in full 1080p HD to run from a hard drive and the other in 720p for upload to YouTube. Even with my Macs SSD upgrade the 2 renderings and upload to YouTube took the best part of the day.