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Specialist Project – Editorial Decisions

specialist project

3 edits done and counting

The reworked 1st Edit

[youtube youtube.com/watch?v=PyIJn2av_3M&w=475&h=315]

After a tutorial with Liam I agreed to have another attempt at the edit with the music soundtrack to see if I could make the cuts/transitions flow better and to also look at creating edits that do not use the dance sequence for the transitions between the interview cuts.

Of the 2 edits I’ve since created I’ve decided to drop the dance sequence altogether and go with just the interview footage using the planned cutaways of closeups and hand movements for the transitions. I looked at using a number of effects but decided these would be inappropriate for this style of documentary and my research into documentary styles confirmed this. Such effects are considered unnecessary and indeed distracting in most documentary styles.

Final Edits

I now know what I am aiming for and its now just a case of putting it together and getting the quality of the final edit the best I can.