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Specialist Project – Last Minute Changes

specialist project

Specialist Project – Nearly There

Demoed one of the new edits I had been working on over the last few days for Phil in today’s tutorial. This was the edit that I’d agreed to produce following Liam’s tutorial the previous week, which since even though I had done everything suggested I had already decided did not work well enough and Phil basically confirmed this.

Another New Edit

I’ve looked at the interview footage again and have decided to change the order and several of the transitional elements and remove/add B-roll video clips. I have also changed title lengths and the timing of some of the cuts losing a full minute from the documentary length, which now has a 4 minute run. For this unit I think the 4 minute edit works the best although I may for my own interest produce the full version of the interview which has a 10 minute runtime – but too be honest even I think this would be too long and people would lose interest unless the B-roll itself was extremely interesting.

Latest Edit

[youtube youtube.com/watch?v=ePIZbktSUdQ&w=475&h=315]

I’m almost totally happy with this edit but I do plan to produce another as I think a change in the order of the questions may work better. I especially think an order change at the start of the video would work better as an introduction, but I’m happy to keep the end as it is now as I think this works really well.

Ben is fully committed to the latest AUCB production ‘Cementville’ so it would have been impossible to ask him to record a introduction to the documentary. So instead I have re-jigged the beginning so that we now hear Bens voice while the opening titles are running, which I think works really well and negating the need for an introduction.

I still need to make some minor changes to the final edit sharpening some clips and blurring others for dramatic effects but basically I think the project has reached a successful conclusion and I’m almost ready to make the final video live on YouTube once it has finished rendering in Premier Pro CS5  and I can upload it.