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Specialist Project – The Rushes (Technical Rehearsals)

specialist project

Rough Edit – Technical Rehearsals for Much Ado About Nothing by the AUCB

[youtube youtube.com/watch?v=AzLKCyQS3Wc&w=480&h=315]

I had a look through and made a very rough edit from the video taken of the Technical Rehearsals.

I planned to capture the complete dance sequence to use in the documentary but also to capture as much as the first act in case I need or see anything interesting to use as B-roll. I also plan at some point to use this video to create a short trailer and I have requests from the actors who would like to use some of the footage in their personal showreels, which I am happy to do.

I am pleasantly pleased by much of the video footage taken on the night as I expected light levels to be too low particularly for some of my Zoom lenses, which have F4 to F5.6 maximum apertures. The 50mm F1.8 worked extremely well in the low light but of course this would have limited all my footage to mid shots had I only used this lens.

Health & Safety

On a personal note it became really uncomfortable to stand/sit behind the camera for an hour or so following the movement on stage. I’m not sure exactly what the problem was or a what the solution maybe except possibly have another person filming so that a break could be taken? The camera was Tripod mounted and I was using my camera with its swivel screen, so it may have been the effect of concentrating on the subject and inadvertently assuming a bad posture behind the camera?

So if you have a bad back or you want to avoid having a bad back/stiff shoulders take a break in filming.