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Investigative Study – Film Poster Design

film poster design

Investigative Study – 50 Years of Bond


New for this unit was the requirement to create an image/poster as a front cover for the 4,000 or 8,000 word dissertation that was subject representative, as my thesis was about Bond films I decided to create a Film Poster Design.

Fortunately there are so many iconic images associated with the Bond films, choice should not have been an issue, but coming up with something unique, would be that much harder. I decided to take the title of my thesis literally. Therefore the final image would have to represent 50 years of Bond; include an image of something that was very British and include an image representative of the sex in the films.

Investigative Study – Film Poster Design Elements

RAF_Who_TargetFirst up in my Film Poster Design was to decide on the background image, which I decided just had to be the Union Flag representing the Nationalism in my thesis. I looked at variations of the rectangular flags, from the standard design to the design used by the London 2012 Olympics with its all blue colours. But instead of the standard flag I remembered the target design that the Who used on one of their albums, which by design also represented the flag (iconic symbol used by the RAF) and also doubled up as another way of representing the iconic symbol of a gun-sights targeting image, which features in the opening of all Bond films. The image of the iris that fills with blood when Bond turns and fires.

The foreground had be of images of the first Bond, Sean Connery and his successor Daniel Craig, I searched until I found images of both actors in similar iconic poses. It then became a simple matter to cut them out from their backgrounds and add them as new layers positioning the first Bond image to the left and slightly recessed to the 2nd image to represent the difference in years. The juxtaposition of these images in front of the target I felt highly representative of the Band Franchise.

Finally to complete the film poster design I added the thesis title text. After some research I identified some of the fonts used in the Bond films and one in particular I came across was a font called Goldeneye as used in the Bond film of the same name. I used this font for all the titles adjusting the kerning, height before I was happy with the final positioning.Ursula Andress - Honey Rider - Dr. No

At this stage I still had to represent the sex aspect, which would have been easy with so many images of beautiful women to choose from but in the end I decided these would detract rather than add anything to the poster I had designed. But here is my alternative design which included all three elements of the thesis title. Ursula Undress as Honey Rider n that iconic image as she appears from the Ocean with two large sea shells.

Alternative Film Poster Design