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EMP – Project Progress Meeting

Diary progress entry.Sports Edge Video Productions

Project Progress Meeting

Meeting with SportBU today to discuss the progress of the project so far and to develop a plan for carrying the project forward.

It was generally felt that progress so far was better than expected, particularly when considered against the problems with poor/cold weather for the outside activities and also the effects this had on reducing the numbers attending or the complete cancellation of some of the activities for Health and Safety reasons.

We agreed on an action plan to film additional sports and to re-visit some other sports activities to film extra footage/interviews depending on specific requirements for the final videos. These include Golf and Cycling.

I also agreed to film a women’s only track cycling event on Saturday the 9th March at the Bournemouth Velodrome. I have been asked to record the event as much as the actual sport.

The target now is to produce 2 videos for the client to be delivered by mid April, 1 video to be very short covering as many sports in as short a time as possible and the other longer and going into greater depth. Logos and End Credit titles to be designed and added to these videos.

The target audience for these videos are the member’s of similar schemes across the country and stakeholders including Sport England and the Lottery Fund.