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marketing youtube channel

Marketing in the Moment

Marketing YouTube Channel

When you search the internet there are any number of websites, Blogs and others sources all offering you their solution for getting your website or video to the top of the search listings. Many offer the secret to attracting huge numbers of visitors to either land on your site or watch your video. Most of these offer everything but deliver most probably nothing. The only way to get visitors to your website or to watch your video is to make sure you get the basics right first and then go on to develop a strategy to increase traffic.

What are the Basic’s of Marketing YouTube Channel?

  1. Keywords in the Video’s Titles
  2. Links to the Video – Blog about your video and link to it from as many websites as you can.
  3. Subscribers – get people to subscribe to your YouTube Channel
  4. Post links to your channel and individual videos in your Facebook timeline.
  5. Create a Facebook page for your channel

I Quote

We are a Now Society, especially when it comes to entertainment. This is one of the many reasons YouTube has become such a phenomenon. You can visit the Web site and be entertained for hours with videos on everything from concerts, comedy scenes, and some videos, to teenagers acting crazy, firework displays, and worldwide news.

What really has made YouTube popular is the fact that it is user generated content. Want to become an instant movie star? Grab a video camera, start shooting, push a button, upload your video, and forward it to your entire e-mail address book. If the content sticks, it may very well go viral. (Michael Tasner, 2010)

Tasner, M. (2010) Marketing in the Moment, New Jersey: FT Press