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EMP – Social Media, Gantt Project Planning (Research)

social media

Social Media – Facebook Group Pages and Events

Researching Social Media for Marketing

For this project we are planning to use the power of Social Media to organise and market the Sports Edge YouTube Channel. We’ve created a Group Page for sharing information and ideas, this way even when the team are not able to be together we are still able to communicate our ideas and planning through the Group Pages. We also created a Facebook Page so that we could market the project on Social Networks, this would be what Aleksandra would work on.

EMP Events

Using Facebook Events to plan and organise Filming on location

Gantt Charts and Project Planning

Gantter Chart for EMP Project

Using a Gantt Chart for project planning

I started this project by setting up a online Gantter Chart as I’d done for all my previous projects one of the benefits of using this Gantter Chart service is that it is free to use and you can share the project online by inviting users by email to join. But after a few weeks I abandoned this idea of using the Ganttner Chart as the main source of planning for our project as one after the other the prearranged filming sessions were cancelled on us.

I then thought that the best way going forward would be to keep this Gantter Chart to use as an outline of the project, noting the important deadlines and filming dates but also thought to replace this and use some form of Diary sharing as our main project planning resource.

After some research I thought about using Calendar on my Mac which automatically syncs between all my devices but not between different users I then remembered that Facebook provides a similar offering but using its Events management services.

The key benefit to using Facebook Events was that it allows me to share this information online to all users in our group and also with other users who would also need to know, which events we would be attending so that they could arrange or confirm arrangements were in place for us to film.

Social Media – Facebook Events for Project Planning

While conducting research on using Facebook to market the YouTube channel I realised we could use Facebook Events to organise the days that we are filming, add descriptions which include the equipment that we plan to use and of course by adding location details the events location including maps and directions are available to us on our mobile phones. Technically we will have all the information we will need to get to a venue and a full description of what is planned to our mobile phones. Extending on this idea further it should be possible to add specific information for example a shot list.

For the organisation of location filming this tool is significantly more successful at organising our project than a typical Ganttner project chart would be. Although the Gantt chart has its place it just does not have the all encompassing communications tools that Facebook Events has. By this I mean its ability to communicate with portable devices/mobile phones/tablets.

This is such a good idea that I cannot think of why we have not done this before for previous projects.


EMP – YouTube Channel Marketing

youtube channel

YouTube Channel – Marketing First StepsSports Edge

I’ve started researching marketing options for my YouTube Channel using social media and YouTubes own guidelines on marketing.

To get the videos ready for marketing I’ve made changes to each of the videos titles giving them less generic titles for example Surfing now becomes ‘Surfing – Free Your Fitness’ linking the subject with the project. I then used YouTube’s Annotation  to add a Subscribe button to each of the videos making it easier to an audience to subscribe to my channel just by clicking a button from within the video itself. The next step was to add an initial comment to each of the videos and at the same time link the videos together by adding a video response to each. The effect of doing this is to hopefully encourage viewers to subscribe, comment and to share video links.

YouTube Channel – Social Media marketing

[youtube youtube.com/watch?v=YJqLm4hnC4I&w=560&h=315]

I’ve created links from the YouTube Channel and my Facebook page so that any activity on the YouTube Channel is automatically posted to my Facebook Newsfeed and to my Facebook Pages. I’ve also created a link to my Twitter Account, now any tweets I post about the YouTube Channel are automatically added to the Facebook Newsfeed. I’ve also tweeted each of the videos urls and these have in turn been re-tweeted to 1000’s of followers, which will hopefully in turn re-tweet to their own followers.

I have now begun to search YouTube for similar videos to those we have produced with the aim of placing a video response comment on them. The idea behind this is people who have found the most popular videos on YouTube for example those on Surfing they in turn see my video response and click to view my video, which in turn increases the views on my YouTube Channel.

In order to keep interest in the YouTube Channel I plan to upload video clips regularly, which hopefully subscribers will also share with their audiences, both on YouTube and other Social Media Networks.


EMP – Filming “GoPro Surf”

GoPro surf

[youtube youtube.com/watch?v=YJqLm4hnC4I&w=560&h-315]

GoPro SurfGoPro Surf

In planning for the filming of the Surfing I decided to use the GoPro mounted on the front of a surfboard with the idea of capturing footage of a surfer paddling out to see with the sun setting behind, which as you can see in the video above is exactly what I got.

I used the wifi back so that I could position the GoPro correctly by previewing the video using the GoPro App – unfortunately on the day the wifi back failed to connect to the iPhone. SO it was down to making an educated guess in the positioning and angle of the GoPro to get the best shots.

In preparation for the filming I made a number of decisions one of the most important not to lose the GoPro in the sea. To solve this I made a short lanyard from an events wristband and some 30lb fishing line attached to the suction mount. Now even if the suction mount failed the camera would remain attached to the surfers wrist.

Post Production – Editing

I edited the footage in Premier Pro CS5, limiting my changes to the footage to reducing the brightness, increasing the contrast and a small amount of colour grading. I did this by increasing saturation and changing the hue slightly bringing out the reds and oranges to get that sunset look for the sky and the silhouette of the surfer against the sun more pronounced.

I kept the pace of the edit relatively slow in fact I only made 3 cuts in the whole sequence and added an atmospheric music soundtrack.

Sports Edge Channel

I’ve added the short video clip as a stand alone video on the Sports Edge YouTube Channel I setup for this project, which will host the Sports Videos we create for this project and for our client ‘Free Your Fitness’ project in collaboration with SportBU.



EMP – YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

Surfing Bournemouth

Sports Edge – YouTube Channel

I’ve created a YouTube Channel for our EMP project user name ‘hotride1970’ and titled Sports Edge. This will host individual video’s for the sports that we intend to film. The channel will also host our completed videos for the project.

We also intend to use the channel to promote our videos and create interest in our channel through Social Networking, Subscriptions and Sharing.

Sports Edge

For this unit we plan to use the power of YouTube and Social Networking to promote out video content to a wide audience. The channel also serves to make access to our videos easier for our client to use in their presentations to Sports bodies and stakeholders in the Free You Fitness project.

Rather than just uploading the complete edited videos I also plan to upload selected video clips to be used as standalone videos based on individual sports, to include, Surfing, Boxing, Cycling, Judo and Volleyball plus as many others as we can in the time available.

The creation of the YouTube Channel will also serve as a form of timeline for our project work. By creating different versions of our videos through editing we should be able to determine through popularity which of the videos is the most successful. This in turn should guide us in the best way to create videos for the Sports audiences.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

Please subscribe to our channel to keep up to date with our videos as we upload them onto YouTube.

  • YouTube Channel




EMP – Research (Camera Techniques)

[youtube youtube.com/watch?v=s3l0eEr_f9E&w=560&h=315]


EMP – Boxing Videos Shot List

boxing videos

Boxing Videos Shot List Boxing

Note: The shots listed are to be used as a general guide only, not a complete shot list that must be adhered to exactly. What I want to achieve is a good range of shots allowing for spontaneity, experimentation and creativity.

A shot list guideline for the Boxing Videos

  1. Wide Shot of the Boxing Ring – 1st without and then with Boxers in the ring.
  2. Wide Shot of the Boxing Ring but from a high elevation (stepladder?)
  3. Stedicam Shot following a Boxer from the changing room to ringside
  4. Close Up of Boxing Gloves being put on
  5. Mid Shot from inside the ring of boxers toeing up
  6. Mid Shot from inside the ring of boxers sparing
  7. Close Up of boxers faces taken from inside the ring
  8. Extreme Close Up of boxers eyes (use zoom lens)
  9. Close Up of glove hitting head/protector (get several of these from different angles)
  10. Mid Shot of dancing feet
  11. Close Up of dancing feet
  12. Mid Shot of corner between rounds

Alternative Shots and Creative Notes for the Boxing Videos

  1. Think about the lighting – look for dramatic effect rather than just perfect exposure.
  2. Shadows across the face can enhance definition and dramatic effect.
  3. Look for lights behind the head these push backgrounds into shadow but highlight the hairline and silhouettes are possible
  4. Try different light levels – turn off all lights except ringside lights
  5. Theatre by this I mean look for the drama, who are these boxers why are they here.
  6. Create Theatre – staging, catch the sweat from the faces as the punches hit if not there think about how you can create that.
  7. Set the miss-en-scene its a boxing ring so make sure all the imagery associated with what people expect to see is seen. eg. buckets, stools, towels, boxing gloves, boxing boots, bandages, referee, markings on the ring floor.
  8. Think about how to use the GoPro – attach to a boxing glove, position it on the rings floor and use its wide angle to angle up towards the boxers, position it on one of the corners.



EMP – Video Analysis

video analysis

Analysing videos that I like and the techniques used in their production

For this project I’m interested in learning what makes these videos successful and how I can apply some of the techniques and styles in the making of the videos for my project. Although I’m essentially producing sport related videos for a specific purpose I’m not necessarily only interested in sports videos. The ones I have chosen to analyse are a mixture of sport and product advertisement videos but the styles are comparable and I would be interested in using some of the techniques used in these examples in my own videos.

Your Garmin Adventure

[youtube youtube.com/watch?v=SsDIFQo2yVM&w=560&h=315]

Garmin AdventuresVideo Analysis – Your Garmin Adventure

Let’s start with what I like about this video.

Basically its the quality of the camera work that I like. The editing is the typical rapid cuts between sports the linking between does not really work in the end it appears its the GPS device which is the link rather than the sport. Great for promoting the product but not great video editing.

What I can take from this video is the quality and the camera angles, the close ups in particular. There’s obviously a mix of camera technology being used here but it all seems to work and so I’m hoping I can do the same by mixing footage taken from the GoPro with the footage from the DSLR’s.

Guinness Horse Surfer

[youtube youtube.com/watch?v=zcdDg30VBgo&w=560&h=315]

Video Analysis – Guinness Horse SurferGuinness Horse Surfer

What do I like about this video

Once again it’s the look I like, Black & White with the moody close ups. The narration works well in fact without this the video does not really work even though the narration itself relates to neither the product or the video apart for the tenuous link of the sea Captain Ahab ‘Moby Dick’. There’s the link between Black and White, the surf and the product Guinness – Black with the white top.

Some of the elements I plan to use – The desaturation and the close ups in particular.  Not everyone likes the arty Black & White so I’ll have to make at least two versions of each edit. One in Colour and the other in Black & White.

Nike  – Just Do It

[youtube youtube.com/watch?v=wrENyA9orTs&w=560&h=315]

Video Analysis – Nike Just Do ItNike Just Do It

This is what I expected to see, rapid editing of lots of sporting action. It’s mainly selling the lifestyle – buy a NIke product and you too can be like these actions sports people.

What I can take from this example is the rapid editing. The video itself I do not think is that well shot from a quality point of view and sometimes the editing links between sports do not work.


EMP – Canon 60D Camera Rig

Canon 60D Camera Rig

The camera rig itself is a very popular basic camera rig known as the spider camera rig. It’s available from a number of online shopping sites in a range of prices from £29.99 to £75, I paid £29.99 on Ebay, delivered free from a company in China. At the same time I bought a couple of screw thread adaptors which serve to change the female 1/4 inch screw threads to male. basically they are 1/4 inch screws with a centrally located nut, simple but effective and very useful for attaching accessories.

Ian using the Canon 60D Camera Rig

Ian using the Canon 60D Camera Rig

Side view of the Canon 60D Camera Rig as you can see I’m using the screen flipped out sidewise from the camera body and fitted this with a Viewfinder Magnifier which is 3x magnification which roughly translates into viewing the scene using a 9″ display.


Front view of the Canon 60D Camera Rig. The camera is fitted with the 18mm – 55mm kit lens but I’ve added a cheap Wide Angle filter screw attached lens to the front which effectively opens out my angle to 11mm.

Canon 60D Camera Rig

Note the Cable Release on the right hand grip. This controls the Auto Focus and start and stop recording when used in conjunction with Magic Lantern and operates the focus when the button is half depressed and starts recording on release, push again to stop recording. It also functions as a shutter release for taking stills when the button is fully depressed. Without Magic Lantern software it will only control the shutter for taking still pictures. The only other way I know to get remote video control this way without using Magic Lantern is to use the Canon infra red remote release and modify/channel the signals direction to reflect onto the front of the camera and the infra red sensor using a length of fibre optic cable.

How does it work?

I’ve used the setup a few times now and videos I’ve taken using it shoulder mounted are stable. The rig has also proven to be very useful when taking low level shots just by putting it on the ground and adjusting the rear leg to control the cameras angle. In fact the rig has opened up a number of creative possibilities.

What next?

Focusing, always a problem when using a DSLR could be improved by adding a follow focus, which could be operated by reaching up with a finger from the left grip, alternatively they do make follow focuses with a cable control which could be mounted actually on the hand grip. There is already the benefit of being able to control the distance of the camera from the subject and therefore focus just by walking towards or away from the subject to maintain focus.


EMP – Project Outline PT1

EMP – Project Outline


  1. The idea is to film interviews with Tanya and Elbe working on their EMP projects, that is costume design.
  2. Film Tanya and Elbe outside of Uni – get some interesting background footage.

2.1. For example Tanya making cakes?

2.2. Working in the Student Bar

2.3. Elbe (find out from Elbe what she is interested in outside Uni)

  1. We need to produce a list of questions for the interview similar to those I produced for Ben. Maybe we can use a modified version of these?
  2. What do Tanya and Elbe want to say? What is important to them?
  3. Should we specifically use this project to promote the Costume Course or keep it as a reflection on Student Life at the AUB?
  4. Additional filming

6.1. The Costume Studios

6.2. Equipment (Sewing machines) I really want to get some close up footage of Tanya and/or Elbe using a sewing machine.

6.3. Filming Tanya and Elbe working on a costume dummy – hand sewing?

6.4. Footage of a production meeting maybe?

  1. How long should the final film be? 15, 30 maybe up to an hour long

Fashion Photo Shoot

  1. Aleksandra to organize this

1.1. Need to find a venue ideally on campus

1.1.1.   Photographic Studio (I have experience of using these so we should be able to get permission, but might need an intro from a course leader)

1.1.2.   Gallery Space (Out of Hours)

1.1.3.   Studio Space (Out of Hours)

  1. I’m suggesting that we both video and take stills of this event

2.1. The idea would be that we are filming photographers taking Fashion pictures

2.2. Elbe and Tanya will be able to get photos from the shoot if they want them.

  1. What are we going to show
  2. Will we need models
  3. Should we make this an open event for all costume designers?
  4. Should we see if any Photography students want to join in?

6.1. They might be more photogenic than seeing me on the screen


EMP – Research Video Styles

[youtube youtube.com/watch?v=YeYXeoYXZwY&w=560&h=315]

[youtube youtube.com/watch?v=fSQwCK_8VSM&w=560&h=315]