EMP – Girls Track Cycling Training Event

track cycling

Track Cycling Training Video – Final Edit

Another opportunity to film track cycling training at the Bournemouth Velodrome, this event was organised by the Free Your Fitness Project specifically to introduce girls to track cycling.

My brief was to film the event itself as much as the cyclists using the track as the organisers expected a large attendance of both cyclists their friends and family. Unfortunately the weather was not at its best, which meant only six riders attended and were in fact outnumbered by the organisation staff on the day. I therefore had to change tactics and concentrate much more on the coaching and the cyclists as they ride around the track.

For the majority of the filming I used my Canon 60D attached to the spider camera rig, capturing the footage hand held, which works really well when filming actions and sports sequences as it allows you to follow the movement much easier than using a tripod.

I made use of the GoPro again but this time with not the same level of success. I suspect the bikes being used on the day were more effected by the tracks surface or the riders lesser weight had some effect as the footage was much less steady and therefore mainly unusable due to the vibrations.

I created several edits from the days footage and asked my peers to provide feedback, much of which was negative to quote ‘boring’ ‘music too slow’ and so on. I then remembered how I had used overlaying video tracks as an experiment for the specialist project. Although I was at the time not convinced by using this technique I thought it would have greater appeal when used for this video as it would create the idea that more cyclist were on the track at any time than there actually was. I did this by layering up the video tracks and getting the riders to appear to be racing ghosts or having riders cross over each other making the screen more busy. In many ways like the old film Grand Prix which used this and a montage effect to great effect. I particularly like the colours created by my choice of blending options, normally I would have used the Normal option but Vivid Light worked better to bring out the crossing over colours of the tracks and the colours in the riders clothes. I was tempted to over grade the final sequence but instead settled for an adjustment using curves to just bring out the colours a little more to get over the greyness of the day with the Sun hidden by thick cloud.

The response to this edit was much more favourable particularly after changing the music as well to tie in with the new editing approach.

On the whole I agree now with my peers that this is a much better edit than my earlier efforts which struggled to get over the problem of having so few riders at the event with the knock-on effect of having the riders riding around the track in single file each taking over 20 seconds to pass in front of the camera.

Photographs of the cyclists and the support team

While at the venue I took the opportunity to take several photographs as I’d noticed that I hadn’t done this one previous occasions only for people to request photos of the training sessions or screen grabs from the videos for their use in presentations and advertising/marketing.