EMP – Project Checklist and Summary

project checklist

Learning Outcomes:Cycling-1-26

On completion of this unit you will be able to:

LO1 Demonstrate the ability to rigorously apply specialist knowledge, understanding and creativity in the production of your extended major project.


  1. Used my specialist knowledge of filming using a DSLR and GoPro to film sequences for each of the Sport activities we were asked to record for SportBU. Each video was edited in Premier Pro CS5 and CS6, making use of After Effects where appropriate in particular when creating the Idents for the YouTube Channel.
  2. Created a YouTube Channel specifically for this project.
  3. Investigated Branding and  initiated a Marketing plan for the YouTube Channel through Social Media with the aim of attracting subscribers and increasing the views numbers for the videos.

LO2 Demonstrate the ability to manage the complexity of practice demanded by the extended major project by managing your time and work efficiently.


  1. Each Sport/Filming session was entered as a Facebook Event and distributed to all group members, information included equipment lists and location.contact details, acting as an updated version of a call sheet.
  2. The overall project details and deadlines were entered into an online Gantt Project Planner and shared with the team.
  3. After each event time was allocated for editing/post production in order that a completed video was available in just a few short days after filming.
  4. We delivered the completed videos to the Sports Management students by the dues date and met the deadline for the sportBU presentation to Sport England.

LO3 Demonstrate ability in the coherent use of various representation techniques, documentation and presentations to specialist and non-specialist audiences.


  1. Our videos were in the main was targeting an audience of Sports Professionals and their requirements were met by our earlier video presentations which we delivered through our YouTube Channel and also copied onto USB memory for insertion into presentations.
  2. We also linked to our videos from within their private Facebook Group ‘Free Your Fitness’ Filming & Consultancy’ which allowed them to distribute this information to the Groups members.
  3. In the latter parts of the project we widened our audience by experiemtning with different themes to create interest through entertainment with the aim of reaching a non specialist audience for our videos. We delivered this through our YouTube Channel, picking titles and genre which would appeal to a wider audience.

LO4 Demonstrate your awareness of the ethical, social and cultural issues appropriate to the concept of a responsible professional practitioner, whether working independently or as part of a team


  1. One of the biggest issues was resolved at the outset by getting full permissions in place so that we could effectively control the video content and distribute as required.
  2. We were careful not to use any copyrighted material including soundtracks/music in our videos.
  3. We made sure that everyone who appeared in our videos was treated with respect and fairly.
  4. We actively refrained from filming the planned Boxing sessions when we were made aware that minors would be present and people involved in a rehabilitation program.

Project Checklist

  1. All Sports Sessions filmed as required by the client
  2. Videos edited and uploaded to our YouTube Channel
  3. Videos copied to memory stick for client use
  4. Blog entries updated
  5. Project Evaluation posted to Blog