EMP Research – Idea development 2 – Fashion Shoot

Fashion Shoot

Building upon the Specialist Project

I felt the Specialist Project was both successful and at the same time enjoyable to produce. It was also always going to be a springboard for a similar but expanded project for the Extended Major Project. I’ve still to identify the subject for a documentary but I’m keen to work with another course on a collaboration to produce a video for this project, which at the same time could also be of interest to the course that I make the subject of my documentary.

Fashion Shoot - copyright Ian F. Hunt

This time around I would want to expand upon the basic idea of producing a documentary by including a new element. I’d be very interested in including my interest in Photography. My first ideas on this would be to include a photo shoot in the documentary, for example a fashion or costume show. This would supply me with the opportunity to work in at least 2 locations, the design/production location and a fashion shoot in a photographic studio or a fashion show location. This adds production value to the final video, the audience gets to see the same people but in 2 very different environments.

Extended Major Project – Action Plan

The first job is to contact people/departments that I think would make an interesting documentary and of course interesting/enjoyable for me to work on. My previous research on documentary in particular one quotation from my key reference source resonates in my mind, Lindenmouth. Kevin J (p14) says…It’s a good idea to pick a topic that you are familiar with or have a keen interest in, but it must also be a subject that you have access to and can tackle with your resources…

For this idea I can tick two important boxes

  1. It’s something I’m interested in.
  2. It’s a subject I have access to.

This is more than can be said for my first idea the Camden documentary where I have the interest but realistically I do not really have the access without some financial investment. For example I would have to find somewhere to stay in Central London for at least a week and there would be travel costs, which on recent experience are considerable.

Research – Studio Photography Slideshow

I put together this short slideshow from the photographs I’d taken in a recent studio and location shoot. They were taken in both natural and flash lighting conditions. For the actual project the plan at this stage is to shoot all of the video and photographic stills using interior locations, ideally a photographic studio, but I may look again at this if another location has something to offer to the production value.

Slideshow created in Adobe Lightroom 4 from DNG photographs.

Research – Costume Fashion Shoot Example



Lindenmuth. Kevin J. (2010) the documentary moviemaking course: London: A&C Black Publishers.