EMP – Athletics Track

athletics track

At the Athletics Track

Another cold winters evening filming at the Bournemouth Athletics Stadium. For this video shoot I decided that I would use the camera rig again rather than a tripod mainly due to the success of using it for the Surfing video shoot.Athletics Track Coaching Session

This was a live shoot, which again meant unscripted and no storyboards to work from even a shot list was not possible for this session as this was a last minute decision to film after getting confirmation of session being run and a break in the weather.

I also intended to use the GoPro if opportunity presented itself however this proved impossible as both batteries in the kit were uncharged out of the store and there was no opportunity to charge in the hour from receiving the kit and filming. This is something which I will in future make sure does not happen again, although it does seem that the batteries lose their charge even when not in use, so it appears the cameras draw power even when the camera has been turned off.Athletics Track depth of field

Camera Techniques

I’ve researched several techniques that professionals use to film sports action and the common idea that all seem to agree with is to keep the camera low to the action. With this in mind I spent much of the evening kneeling low to the ground with the camera rig actually positioned on the ground with the legs/grips adjusted to achieve the best shot angles.

Problems and solutionsAthletics Track - On Your Marks

  • GoPro battery discharged – no real solution to this ither than to make sure the batteries are fully charged before use, I would also suggest that the battery is removed from the camera when not in use.
  • Filming in cold weather – the camera started to mist over due to the very cold conditions. The only solution here is to either not film in such conditions or carry a cloth to keep the lens and viewfinder clear. I certainly would not recommend changing lenses in these conditions or the mirror may become fogged or worse condensation inside the electronics of the camera itself.