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Boxing Videos Shot List Boxing

Note: The shots listed are to be used as a general guide only, not a complete shot list that must be adhered to exactly. What I want to achieve is a good range of shots allowing for spontaneity, experimentation and creativity.

A shot list guideline for the Boxing Videos

  1. Wide Shot of the Boxing Ring – 1st without and then with Boxers in the ring.
  2. Wide Shot of the Boxing Ring but from a high elevation (stepladder?)
  3. Stedicam Shot following a Boxer from the changing room to ringside
  4. Close Up of Boxing Gloves being put on
  5. Mid Shot from inside the ring of boxers toeing up
  6. Mid Shot from inside the ring of boxers sparing
  7. Close Up of boxers faces taken from inside the ring
  8. Extreme Close Up of boxers eyes (use zoom lens)
  9. Close Up of glove hitting head/protector (get several of these from different angles)
  10. Mid Shot of dancing feet
  11. Close Up of dancing feet
  12. Mid Shot of corner between rounds

Alternative Shots and Creative Notes for the Boxing Videos

  1. Think about the lighting – look for dramatic effect rather than just perfect exposure.
  2. Shadows across the face can enhance definition and dramatic effect.
  3. Look for lights behind the head these push backgrounds into shadow but highlight the hairline and silhouettes are possible
  4. Try different light levels – turn off all lights except ringside lights
  5. Theatre by this I mean look for the drama, who are these boxers why are they here.
  6. Create Theatre – staging, catch the sweat from the faces as the punches hit if not there think about how you can create that.
  7. Set the miss-en-scene its a boxing ring so make sure all the imagery associated with what people expect to see is seen. eg. buckets, stools, towels, boxing gloves, boxing boots, bandages, referee, markings on the ring floor.
  8. Think about how to use the GoPro – attach to a boxing glove, position it on the rings floor and use its wide angle to angle up towards the boxers, position it on one of the corners.