EMP – Filming “GoPro Surf”

GoPro surf

GoPro SurfGoPro Surf

In planning for the filming of the Surfing I decided to use the GoPro mounted on the front of a surfboard with the idea of capturing footage of a surfer paddling out to see with the sun setting behind, which as you can see in the video above is exactly what I got.

I used the wifi back so that I could position the GoPro correctly by previewing the video using the GoPro App – unfortunately on the day the wifi back failed to connect to the iPhone. SO it was down to making an educated guess in the positioning and angle of the GoPro to get the best shots.

In preparation for the filming I made a number of decisions one of the most important not to lose the GoPro in the sea. To solve this I made a short lanyard from an events wristband and some 30lb fishing line attached to the suction mount. Now even if the suction mount failed the camera would remain attached to the surfers wrist.

Post Production – Editing

I edited the footage in Premier Pro CS5, limiting my changes to the footage to reducing the brightness, increasing the contrast and a small amount of colour grading. I did this by increasing saturation and changing the hue slightly bringing out the reds and oranges to get that sunset look for the sky and the silhouette of the surfer against the sun more pronounced.

I kept the pace of the edit relatively slow in fact I only made 3 cuts in the whole sequence and added an atmospheric music soundtrack.

Sports Edge Channel

I’ve added the short video clip as a stand alone video on the Sports Edge YouTube Channel I setup for this project, which will host the Sports Videos we create for this project and for our client ‘Free Your Fitness’ project in collaboration with SportBU.