EMP – Judo at Talbot House


Judo at Talbot House, Bournemouth University

Fortunately this sports session took place indoors as the weather once again was at its worst.Judo 1

Not being familiar with Judo apart from seeing the odd broadcast video and the research I’d conducted by reviewing YouTube videos online, which were dominated by competitions in particular those from the London 2012 Olympic games. I made the initial decision that as I would have to film the action live I would once again use the camera rig and handhold the camera to allow rapid movements of the camera to hopefully capture the action as it occurred.Judo 2

I managed to capture a good range of shots moving around the hall space filming groups and individuals while being instructed in the basics of Judo. The camera rig worked well giving the freedom to move to where the action was taking place and to be able to follow the movement with the camera.

The filming process – problems and solutions

Judo 3I switched through the lenses as the session progressed so that I could capture a range of shots from the wide to the closest of close-ups. Although using zoom lenses at maximum extension did cause issues with focusing and depth of field. I also experienced issues with the White Balance due to the mixed lighting, this meant the image changed from a bright white to a dark orange cast. The hall is faced on all sides by windows providing natural lighting and has fluorescent lighting which did not appear to be daylight corrected. This meant as the camera lens passed between natural light and florescent the white balance changed. This was very noticeable, the only solution was to decide on and setup a manual setting using custom white balance, which I programmed in and this solved the problem.

Another issue this time with soundtrack occurred near the end of the session as the halls are shared we were suddenly disturbed when a live band started playing in another hall and so the idea of conducting an interview was abandoned for another time and location.

Editing using iMovie

Judo 4I decided to use iMovie for the editing and to create a Movie style trailer using video clips from Judo. IMovie is very quick as an editing tool and in just a short time I had a completed video ready to upload to the YouTube Channel. iMovie does have limitations the version I was using could only export in 720p and options for correcting video is limited.