EMP – Project Outline PT1

EMP – Project Outline


  1. The idea is to film interviews with Tanya and Elbe working on their EMP projects, that is costume design.
  2. Film Tanya and Elbe outside of Uni – get some interesting background footage.

2.1. For example Tanya making cakes?

2.2. Working in the Student Bar

2.3. Elbe (find out from Elbe what she is interested in outside Uni)

  1. We need to produce a list of questions for the interview similar to those I produced for Ben. Maybe we can use a modified version of these?
  2. What do Tanya and Elbe want to say? What is important to them?
  3. Should we specifically use this project to promote the Costume Course or keep it as a reflection on Student Life at the AUB?
  4. Additional filming

6.1. The Costume Studios

6.2. Equipment (Sewing machines) I really want to get some close up footage of Tanya and/or Elbe using a sewing machine.

6.3. Filming Tanya and Elbe working on a costume dummy – hand sewing?

6.4. Footage of a production meeting maybe?

  1. How long should the final film be? 15, 30 maybe up to an hour long

Fashion Photo Shoot

  1. Aleksandra to organize this

1.1. Need to find a venue ideally on campus

1.1.1.   Photographic Studio (I have experience of using these so we should be able to get permission, but might need an intro from a course leader)

1.1.2.   Gallery Space (Out of Hours)

1.1.3.   Studio Space (Out of Hours)

  1. I’m suggesting that we both video and take stills of this event

2.1. The idea would be that we are filming photographers taking Fashion pictures

2.2. Elbe and Tanya will be able to get photos from the shoot if they want them.

  1. What are we going to show
  2. Will we need models
  3. Should we make this an open event for all costume designers?
  4. Should we see if any Photography students want to join in?

6.1. They might be more photogenic than seeing me on the screen