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online portfolio

What should be included in an Online Portfolio

I’ve begun the process of creating an online portfolio to showcase my work to potential employers, the aim to only upload the best of my work separately from my portfolio

Uniquely and from the outset I decided that the portfolio website must be designed to be compatible with mobile devices, for example the iPhone and iPad. For this reason I have not used Flash in any part of the design instead using HTML 5 particularly for the Photo Gallery and Video Gallery plugins.

My portfolio is still in development but decisions on Menu and some content has been decided although some photographs and videos are currently just place holders for photos and videos soon to be uploaded.

One of the most difficult issues is the fine line between providing information for potential employers to be able to assess your suitability for their role and the means to contact you and personal privacy. For example I will be uploading a copy of my CV to the site but I will password protect it and also block Search Engines from indexing it.

Updated 30/04/2013

I’ve redesigned the WordPress Theme and added the showreel video to the Home Page.