Professional Development Questionnaire

Professional Development Questionnaire

Professional Development QuestionnaireProfessional Development Questionnaire

  1. My previous work experience has been a mix of being employed and freelance, I would say given the choice I would always pick the freelance option. Being freelance allows you greater control of your career and the freedom to choose and plan your working day. The negative is that you have no guarantees and it can sometimes be lonely working for yourself. You have to be driven to work for yourself, stand on your own two feet, keep your skills up to date and go out and win business.
  2. In preference I have chosen to work on producing video content for my projects. This is an interest that I plan to turn into a career by forming my own video production company. I am also considering further postgraduate education to enhance my skills to the next level.
  3. From a vocational context I can see myself working on a freelance basis with a video production company either as part of a team as a camera operator or as the filmmaker for a small production, for example a short documentary. My skills are centered on capturing visuals hence the ideal role of camera operator but I can also edit footage, therefore I ideally placed to be a filmmaker on a small production.
  4. I have already worked on external projects while on the course creating videos for clients. Working either in a freelance role or as an intern initially to enhance my commercial skills while reviewing online sources to enhance my skills.
  5. I have put in place a number of websites including a portfolio website to market my skillset online. I plan to use specialist websites and job boards to promote my skills and CV. I also plan to network using my contacts to promote my video services.
  6. I have extensive experience of working in a commercial environment and proven communication skills gained at all levels with clients in the UK and Overseas. My video production skills are relatively new but my business skills are advanced hopefully this will be enough to move my business forward.
  7. The skills I need to acquire going forward would be mainly gaining hands on experience of creating video content in a commercial environment.
  8. I’ve created a portfolio website, which includes a showreel of my camera work and a basic Bio. I plan to add to this by creating content specifically for the type of work or service that I wish to attract/promote. I will duplicate much of this in DVD format for inclusion with my CV for instances when direct application are required.
  9. Initially the online portfolio will be a reference for interested parties to view and assess for their requirement’s most probably in response to a direct application I have made for work through submitting my CV. However long-term I would hope that the portfolio website will attract potential customers to contact me directly to engage my services. Acting as means of advertising and promoting my skills to an International audience.

After Graduation

Short-term goals 0-12 months

In the short term I will develop my business plan and put into motion the elements needed to start a new video production business while at the same time actively market my CV and skills to companies seeking the services of a camera operator on a freelance basis.

  • Form a company specifically for video production
  • Create a online presence for the company
  • Create marketing materials to promote the company and its services
  • Network for work in video production

Medium Term Goals 12 – 24 months

During this time I fully expect to have to undertake other work to fund the formation and initial costs of starting the business. However expect that in the medium to long term I should have the business operational and have gained experience working commercially as a camera operator or filmmaker.

  • Promote the company to the next level
  • Use networks to create more business
  • Add to skills, make sure that they are current and up to date, if indicated look for industry specific training.

Long Term Goals over 24 months

I will expect to have a good track record of creating video content, of winning business and clients directly, without going through a third party. At the same time have formed good relationships with respected companies gaining repeat business and recommendations for other work.

  • Expand the business in size and scope
  • Employing people on a freelance basis to create teams of experts and a pool of knowledge and skills.
  • Subcontracting work overflow to business associates to create additional revenue.