Specialist Project – Documentary Outline Updated

documentary outline

I made this 3 minute slideshow to present my idea for the documentary, which I plan to produce for the Specialist Project.

The documentary outline goes something like this:-Movie Camera Silhouette

  1. Interview Ben during a makeup session before a performance
  2. Make sure to film closeups during the interview for example hands, eyes and the face. The hands and makeup tools of the makeup artist.
  3. Film the technical rehearsal for the BA Acting production of Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ for the B roll footage – essential in order to keep the viewers interested.
  4. Film an opening sequence of Ben performing a powerful but solo performance of a Shakespearean play using a “Film Noir” style lighting effect.
  5. If time consider designing a title sequence in After Effects
  6. Finally look at projection although I may want to save this idea and do something like this for the EMP but on a large scale involving BA Acting again assuming they are interested.

I have planned to spend the final two weeks of the project editing the video footage to create a final video of up to 5 minutes in duration. I will also produce a number of alternative edits including some just for portfolio inclusion rather than directly for this unit.

I feel It is important to manage all stages of this project as my previous experience with the summer break project, where I was filming out of sequence created problems and which thankfully having made extensive notes just to be certain that I had a complete shot list and enough B-roll for the project. Without these notes the project would not have gone as smoothly and even with these notes I had to re-visit locations to get additional B-roll footage.

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