Specialist Project – Documentary Outline

documentary outline


Idea Development

My idea for the documentary is to work with BA Acting, following Ben cast as the central character during his final year at the AUCB. I also want to include as many of his fellow acting students in this project, as I can, as I feel this would add balance to the narrative. I’m hoping that there will be many strings to the narrative (stories within stories). For example character A is doing well but character B struggles with the character they are portraying.

Documentary Outline and a potential shot list.

  1. Film a makeup session with Ben seated in front of a mirror
  2. Film Key and/or Solo parts from a Technical Rehearsal
  3. Question and Answer session
  4. A selection of scenes from Plays, Musicals and Dance (Essential for B Roll)
  5. Interview a group of actors one at a time, getting an idea of how the course has helped them to prepare for a career in professional acting. Their Hopes and Dreams.
  6. Look for story streams – Create a story within a story, in effect create a Docudrama maybe?
  7. Interview Lecturers, those willing to take part
  8. Vary locations as much as possible, both inside University and on location.
  9. Include informal environments, for example relaxing in a bar discussing a performance

These are just my initial ideas a documentary outline, as this is very much going to be an unscripted documentary (Fly on the Wall) I will not be able to exactly control every event, but these are the sort of scenes I hope to document.

1st meeting and videoing with the iPhone and iPad

Monday 8th October, I met with Doug Cockle, a very busy man to outline some of my ideas for the documentary and to experiment and test some of my ideas for capturing the video using the iPhone, iPad as the main camera.

I had no real success with using the iPhone or iPad as the venues lighting was 100% Fluorescent, which effected the video causing it to flicker – conflicting with the frame rate of these devices?. On this basis I decided the safe move was to stick with using my Canon 60D as the main camera and maybe use the iPad occasionally or as a backup when situations allow it.

I changed the DSLR frame rate to 24fps and the flickering was no longer apparent.

Audio has become something I am more aware of having had issues when videoing for the ‘Weymouth Bay’ documentary. The venue on the day is a Hall with no hangings or substantial furniture or indeed anything to absorb sound so I expected to get a flat echoing sound recording, which I did. I was also surprised that I could not pick up speech clearly even though I was using shotgun microphone. The sound appeared to be the same as if I’d used an omnidirectional microphone rather than directional, I put this down to the venue, which was bouncing the sound all around the Hall.

iPad Video Sequence

I’ve added a special iPad camera video filter to disguise the flickering

Canon 60D Video Sequence

I’ve changed the footage to monochrome but leaving one colour as a feature (why? because I liked it)

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