Specialist Project – Filming with the iPad 3 – Makayama Movie Mount

Makayama Movie Mount

On Monday the 15th October I spent most of the day in the Studio Theatre filming the rehearsals of 3rd Year BA Acting students rehearsing for their production of Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ – my thanks to them and their course leader Doug Cockle for allowing me to do this.Makayama Movie Mount for iPad 2

Having completed the planned filming using my Canon 60D DSLR I decided it would be a good opportunity to experiment and film the same setup but this time using my iPad 3. Initially I was not overly impressed by the footage taken as I have a general innate dislike for hand held filming of any kind. My own footage although fairly steady still showed some shudder/shake and unintentional vertical and horizontal movement, its really hard to keep a steady hand you tend to drift up and down. However a possible solution presented itself when It was then brought to my attention that the Uni had recently bought in a Movie Rig and Wide/Telephoto Lenses for the iPad.

Makayama Movie Mount

MakayamaThe Makayama Movie Mount or rig consists of a hard plastic backplate that snaps onto the iPad covering the entire rear panel. It comes with a Lens mounting metal plate with a threaded lens mount situated in front of the iPad Lens, which accepts a small range of specialist lenses. To the base of the rig there is a female 1/4 inch thread which will allow it to be mounted onto a Tripod using the standard screw. It also comes with hotshoe style mounting points for attaching a movie light and shotgun microphone etc.Makayama Lens

So with the iPad now mounted on a Tripod I tried each of the lenses beginning with the Wide Angle lens followed by the Telephoto lens. Unfortunately my iPad 3 was not a perfect fit as it’s designed for the iPad 2, but I managed to get a secure fit although I suspect the lens plate may not have been perfectly positioned, which may explain the suspect focusing I obtained from my tests. I was also worried by the lens thread itself as I suspect it would be vulnerable to cross threading as it appeared to be made from a soft metal or it could be the lenses, anyway I don’t think they will survive long without some care when screwing in the lenses.

For the results of this iPad video test check out the video below.

Makayama Movie Mount for iPad2

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