Specialist Project – Researching Magic Lantern

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Magic Lantern – SD Cards

As I mentioned previously I used Manual Settings for my Canon 60D using Magic Lantern, a 3rd party firmware application that offers much greater control over the video settings.

I installed the firmware on 2 SD cards for this project – the following extract re. formatting cards is important as I made the mistake of formatting the cards and removing Magic Lantern. It is also important to wait until the operation has fully completed before ejecting the card otherwise it may cause your Camera to freeze. This happened to me and the only solution was to remove the Cameras Battery – not for the faint hearted as I thought the Camera had become bricked.

News: For those of you waiting for the Canon 7D version, I believe it’s in the development stage and is or will soon be available.

Extract from the developers website Accessed 10/11/2012


Always format the card from the camera

Since Magic Lantern runs from the card, you may be asking yourself: “what happens if I format it“?

Answer: Magic Lantern first reads all of its required files, including your custom configuration files, and then copies itself back onto the card!

We strongly recommend you to format the card before every important shooting session! This helps maintaining performance when recording files, and prevents the filesystem from becoming fragmented.

A lot of stability and performance issues reported by Magic Lantern users went away after they started to format their cards on a regular basis.

Formatting the card from the camera will make sure your file system is exactly as Canon software and Magic Lantern expect it to be.

Tip: to format the card and remove Magic Lantern, go to the Canon Menu / Format screen and press the shortcut key indicated in brackets, as in the screenshot – on most cameras it’s the [Q] button.