Specialist Project – Idea Development for a Documentary

Specialist Project

Specialist Project – Weymouth Bay DocumentaryRufus Castle - Specialist Project

My original plan for this unit was to continue working on the “Weymouth Bay” Documentary which is about the new Coastal Access rights and the England Coast Path. I had two interviews outstanding with Natural England and Businesses benefiting from the coastal path and its walkers, which would need to be filmed and then incorporate these into a new edit.

However following today’s tutorial I realised that I would really need to start preparing for the EMP project and so I’ve decided to continue with the Weymouth Bay project outside of Uni project time and bring forward my plans for the EMP project and put into position all the elements required.

To that end I have already exchanged emails with Doug Cockle Course Leader BA Acting to arrange a meeting to discuss the details of my documentary.

I’ve also made a start on creating an outline and identifying key points I’d like to incorporate in my documentary. As this is going to be a fly on the wall style (Observational) documentary there will be no script as such. So at this stage its just a case of roughing out concepts and some of the shots I’d like to reproduce and maybe some ideas on the locations.

I also need to think about an audience and its appeal. Personally I’d be happy if BA Acting just wanted it as a promotional video for the course but at the same time I hope its appeal would be wider than that.

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