Extended Major Project – Research Studio Lighting

studio lighting

Studio Lighting for the Infinite White Backdrop

My recent experience of a studio photo-shoot exclusively used flash lighting equipment, which while perfect for photographic use would not work for video. I like the idea of the infinite white backdrop, which in post production will let me move the subject around an infinite white scene, which appeals as I could make a tiny space appear vast just by using scale in Premier or After Effects. The other benefit would be the ability to have multiple models on screen at the same time, just by adding them in as a new layer to this infinite white backdrop.Model Shoot Infinite White BackdropModel Shoot Infinite White Backdrop

This is an extremely easy effect to create you basically overexpose the white backdrop paper by concentrating as much light as possible, making sure that there are no shadows visible. Experience tells me that if I expose the backdrop for an aperture of F11/F16 and light the model for an aperture of F8 I should achieve this effect. (Note make sure I use a Lightmeter to confirm this).

Ideally I’d like to use a photography studio for this project. I’d have to check that the lighting in the studio would be able to achieve this effect using just the modelling lights rather than the flash, but I suspect I will have to book out additional lighting equipment in order to get the almost daylight lighting levels in the studio.

Most of this is described in this video I found on YouTube

Infinite White Backdrop