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Video Editing – Surfing Shot List

Sports Edge Video Productions

I always review my video clips using a VLC playlist before deciding on what to include or discard before importing into Premier Pro. This way I can review all the clips in sequence and make notes on, for example; the content, the type of shot, quality and of course whether to use or not.

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The 3 images show how I approach this and as you can see there are over a 100 video clips and these are just from my camera – Aleks took almost as many so some form of shot list decision making must be made before actually starting the editing process.

The shot list of 100 was reduce down to a more manageable 41 using this process, the final decision to use these clips will be made in Premier’s clip viewer, although some I’ve starred as must use so I would start with these clips first.

Video Editing – Importing to a Bin in Premier Pro

As I am in the process of starting the final video editing for this project I plan to use a Bin (Folder) to group video clips together in one place. For example all the Surfing shots in the Surfing Bin and all the Judo clips in the Judo Bin and so for the rest of the video clips.

Screen Grab from Premier Pro – I’ve colour graded the end of this video sequence to give it a sunset look so that it ties in with the following shots which were filmed at night.

Screen Grab of Premier Pro

My Preferred Video Editing Style

I personally like the look of wide-screen video layouts with bars top and bottom. It creates the illusion of a very wide angle, when in fact the image is actually a standard 16:9 wide-screen format made narrow with the addition of black bars, which I created using titles and the rectangle tool.

I also have a preference for Black & White or desaturation/bleaching effects, which I created using curves rather than the Black & White preset, I also like to enhance the Black using the Deep Black preset.

Here is the final result:-